Verity Wilks-Responsible Sourcing Manager, Jordans & Ryvita Company.

    • Verity Wilks-Responsible Sourcing Manager, Jordans & Ryvita Company.'s presentations

    Verity has worked for Associated British Foods for 7 years. Initially working for Allied Bakeries Verity had roles in operations, sales and procurement with a focus on sourcing development and CSR.

    Now working for the Jordans & Ryvita Company her role is devoted in large part to sustainable sourcing. This involves UK cereals supply chains as well as responsible sourcing in international supply chains.

    The Jordans Farm Partnership- a collaborative approach to sustainability in UK farming


    In Synopsis:

    The Jordans Farm Partnership is a collaborative initiative through which we work with our growers and partner organisations to develop sustainable farming practices and improve biodiversity on our oat growing farms. I will be taking this opportunity to introduce the programme and talk about the benefits it delivers.



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